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We are based in Villers-le-Lac in the region of microtechnology, Deco Précis Emirler specializes in the field of miniature fasteners such as hardware, pins, pins and nuts. We produce parts from 0.3 mm to 6.0 mm in diameter in small, medium and large series. We have production facilities such as single spindle lathes, 7 numerically controlled CNC lathes and 2 escomatic lathes using all types of titanium stainless materials. We are at the services of eyewear and connective, medical, aeronautical, telephone and leather goods industries.

Our history

Near the border with Switzerland at Villers-le-Lac,in the Doubs department,dans le Doubs, at the heart of the country of technical micros Emirler enjoys a privileged economic and geographical position. The company thanks to a know-how acquired for more than 70 years, our structure has not ceased to evolve so to adapt and master the technical requirements of today's markets by adopting new technologies in order to constantly optimize our skills

    Camille Joriot became the Magister company in 1945. She employs more than a hundred people at the Villers-le-Lac site (80 automatic lathes, most of which are home-made, and a modern mechanical workshop). It mainly produces hardware: it is then the only French manufacturer of screws for the watch industry, but also for the manufacturers of instruments and precision equipment and for eyewear.

  • 1968MAGISTER - King of the screw

    Magister calls himself "the king of the screw" and makes more than 10 million precision pieces a month, eyewear being by far his main client. It employs 166 people on site. Working in steel, stainless steel and nickel silver, she mainly practices bar turning but also all the rework and finishing operations required for her products.


    Magister Precision micro-cutting belongs to the international group Redtenbacher with headquarters in Scharnstein (Upper Austria, Austria). Certified ISO 9001 Redtenbacher with its European production sites has many assets to meet the demand of its customers in terms of quality innovation. The group supplies parts in a wide variety of sectors, such as watchmaking, jewelery, eyewear, automotive, medical, electronics, aeronautics and armaments.


    Creation of Déco Précis Magister by M. Demirtas, previously Technical Director at Magister. Another important step is the acquisition of 7 Escomatic Swiss New Mach 647 CNCs in order to modernize and increase its know-how, dedicated to precision screws. These machines are equipped with generation cutters that allow the machining of demanding parts up to a diameter of 6 mm, to ensure reliable and irreproachable quality.


    Creation Déco Précis EMIRLER. Specialist screw and miniature fastener. Refocusing on our core business: bar turning of metal parts from 1 to 6 mm in diameter. All common materials are machined: gold, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, miscellaneous steel, aluminum, titanium, and other plastics. Our markets: eyewear, micro-mechanics and musical instruments.

Our customers

We are delivering highest quality of turned parts and see ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers.
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